I’m a designer. I have a website. I don't design websites. (Having a fancy website would imply that I do.) I know some really amazing local web designers and web developers. More power to 'em.

Of course I can help with your site’s look and content! Of course I can provide the web designer/developer with all of your graphic assets in the perfect formats to make their work easier and more efficient. Those folks have more interest and experience in the nitty-gritty site-building endeavors, so I leave it to them to work their magic on your site.

Less headache and less expense for you.


Most of my work is proprietary. I excel with business-to-business proposals (new products or packaging, ever-changing planograms, POS displays) – large corporations pitching to very large retailers, where the competition is tight and fierce. Months later I may see my work on the shelves of a giant retailer, which is the only place I’m comfortable having it publicly displayed.

Some projects are for internal use only (employees, sales reps, or conventions). Lots of HR notebooks, marketing sell sheets, presentation boards, PowerPoint presentations, convention materials... you name it. Their competition will not find those pieces on my site.

Obviously, my work is not appropriate for public viewing.

You can expect the same respect.


My most reliable client contacts are through word-of-mouth. I have learned not to spend lots of time and money on dog-and-pony shows that seldom pan out. The clients who need my skill set always seem to know where to find me.

This philosophy also keeps my costs down for my clients.

Let’s spend time and energy promoting you, not me.


Much of my work is tactile: packaging, shipper trays, three-dimensional displays, presentation boards, marketing/sales support notebooks, convention booths, and the like.

Of course I use the net every day... to provide clients with volumes of digital representations in various formats...
to transfer print-ready files for print production... to deliver PowerPoint presentations... and all that jazz. These
support materials always go along with the tactile projects, and I certainly enjoy doing them. However...

Not having a lot of digital representations online subtly reinforces that the work I prefer to do is actual tangible stuff and its support materials.

There is still a great need for these “old school” skills, and I am happy to fill that need.

If this is what you need, you found it!


Oddly enough in this digital age, I prefer to keep it local. Often I deliver last-minute comps, print-outs, presentation boards, flash drives, and other physical pieces. This service is a great benefit to panicked local clients, but not practical or efficient for potential worldwide clients.

Of course I deliver plenty of digital pieces online (reference jpegs/pdfs, three-dimensional renderings, PowerPoint presentations, files for final print production, high resolution photo retouching, etc.), but these types of projects almost always include physical hands-on pieces eventually, too. This is experience talking.

Some of your projects are going to need a local professional.


If this describes the type of work you need done, then you have come to the right place!

Send me a note so we can get together. Let’s apply practical solutions and a professional touch to your next project.


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